Who We Are?

A General Contracting Company In The Heart Of Longview, TX

Who We Are?
Social share image belonging to DeBoard Homes & Remodeling Specialists providing quality custom home construction solutions near Longview, TX. Contact us (903)-374-2094.

We are a professional and passionate general contracting team

Our amazing team of professionals, lead by a core group with over 90 years of combined experience, lives and works by the highest of standards. Quality isn’t just our all-digital design and development capabilities, nor our code of ethics. Quality is the result of everything we think, say, and do working in alignment with everything we believe. Like the fact that we believe the customer truly comes first. That if something isn’t legal, moral, and ethical, we just won’t do it. And that if something isn’t right, we will make it right. And we believe that if we don’t give it our best, we will have to answer for it.

No. For DeBoard Homes & Remodeling Specialists, quality isn’t just a box to check off; it’s a way of life.